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Westlake children

Westlake children outside the hall. 39 Westlake is in the background - 1952 

The Bellchambers family

Mrs Bellchambers, Bobby & Eva at 52 Westlake, c1938 (courtesy of the Bellchambers family) 

Westlake Septics

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Hostel Camp News

Hostel Camp News From our correspondent 21 September 1923

This article lists a number of people who took part in a euchre party and concert to raise funds for the Hostel Cricket Club. The houses and single men's quarters [latter known as Hostel Camp] were occupied from January 1923.  The site today is Bl 3, Section 128 Stirling Park, Yarralumla. The list of people notes that a number of people not recorded  to date can now be added. Mr and Mrs Irons, mentioned in this article eg, like a number of other Howie residents, moved into a cottage in the Gap - later known as just Westlake.  Some moved to Causeway when cottages became available. 

The concrete cricket pitch used by the Hostel Club was on the site of the recent development next to Flynn Drive by the Chinese Embassy - former Bl 1, Section 128 Stirling Park.  I believe that the site of Howie's Settlement and the Tradesmen's Camp may also be under threat of development. This area has already been further subdivided and the most recent big report on Stirling Park did not mention the sites of Howies or Tradesmen's Camp on the block.  Instead reference to them moved the sites into the Gap in Section 22 Stirling Park. This is somewhat extraordinary in that in the late 1990s I went with an archaeologist employed by the NCA around the sites which were then marked on two maps - one for eastern side of the park and th other the western side and on site with concrete posts painted yellow. I reloaned my maps to the NCA who seemed to have misplaced their copies and even then the sites on Block 3, Section 128 are not mentioned.