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See also my websites: Early Canberra & Canberra Camps, Settlements & Early Housing

In the web Canberra Camps & Early Settlements are a number of studies made of the sites within the park and includes information on material found in the dumps.  Currently work is being carried out on Stirling Ridge to mark the sites of importance on the ridge.  This will be followed by further work in The Gap  site of No 3 Sewer Camp and 41 of the 61 Westlake cottages.  A mud map that focusses on the sites of the cottages is reproduced in this web and Canberra Camps, Settlements & Early Canberra Housing.  Also in included in that web in the housing section is a booklet put out by the Department of the Interior in 1970 - City & Rural Leases 1924-1970.

Mud Map Westlake Cottages in The Gap