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A Story of Capital Hill
by Ann Gugler

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NB: My book will be available on cd from July 16, 2009 for AUD $12.00 including postage and handling.

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Wonderful Stores & People who sell my book:

Canberra: August 2009 - there are still a few books available at the following stores:

National Library Bookshop 02 62621424  SOLD OUT
Dimmocks, Tuggeranong Hyperdome 02 62939055  SOLD OUT 
Canberra & District Historical Society, Curtin 02 62812929 (the CDHS also has a wide range of local history books for sale) - there is one book left August 2009)  STILL SOME AVAILABLE  
Newsagencies at Deakin, STILL SOME AVAILABLE    Griffith and Ainslie  SOLD OUT 
Beyond Q Curtin  02 623999 (two books left)  STILL SOME AVAILABLE  
Alexander Fax 02 62900140  SOLD OUT
Canty's Bookstore  02 62806414   SOLD OUT 
Paper Chain Bookstore Manuka 02 62956723   STILL SOME AVAILABLE 
Down Memory Lane Fyshwick 34 Geelong St Fyshwick 02 62281048   SOLD OUT 
Ann Gugler 02 62900057 (couple of books left)  SOLD OUT
Yarralumla Post Office 02 6282 3556       SOLD OUT
Bungendore: Wynch Books 02 62381145  STILL SOME AVAILABLE  
Batemans Bay: Batehaven Book Exchange 4 Beach Road (opposite Casey's Beach), Batehaven.02 44726736  SOLD OUT

The earlier & current books:

The Family History, Price Martin and Others
The Builders of Canberra 1909-1929
Westlake One of the Vanished Suburbs of Canberra
True Tales From Canberra's Vanished Suburbs of Westlake, Westridge & Acton
A Story of Capital Hill
The Builders of Canberra - Where They Lived 1909-1959
Canberra's Construction Camps
Articles National Trust ACT Branch - series of articles under the heading 'Glimpses of Early Canberra'
CDHS September 2000 Journal - A History of Stirling Park, Yarralumla (also an earlier article in another CDHS journal on Canberra's Construction Camps)
Co-author with Dr Peter Dowling for National Trust ACT Branch -  Citation for heritage listing of Stirling Park Yarralumla (former Westlake and Ngunawal land known as Gura Bung Dhaura)
Published chapters in CDHS book on Canberra Hotels and another in a book edited by Peter Freeman on Canberra Housing
A History of Human Habitation in Stirling Park, Yarralumla (CD held in ACT Heritage Library & National Library)
Artifacts in Stirling Park - (CD held in ACT Heritage Library and National Library)
Walks Around the area of the Westlake cottage sites - for National Trust (ACT Branch) and The Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra.  The first of these walks is on this web - Stirling Park Yarralumla (Westlake Cottage Area)
Stateline - local TV program - record of the interview on site