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My Family History.

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I am a second fleet convict descent and the family names on my mother's side of the family are:
Merrick, Price, Martin, Cooper, Russell, Garbutt, Chapman, Yeo,  etc

Overview - Mary Russell (3rd fleet) married Edward Merrick (2nd Fleet) 24.12.1791 - their daughter, Mary Elizabeth born 14 March 1795 married Robert Martin Jr who cf with parents in 1804 - they ran off together - he was working as a coachman for Macquarie.  Their son Robert Cooper Martin was born in 1822 - the second name of Cooper came from Robert's mother who was Mary nee Cooper. 
Robert Cooper Martin married Martha Price - her linage goes back on her mother's side to Charles Cooper convict 1798 Barwell who came with his wife Alse nee Davis (family story he was the son of Lady Margaret Vane who ran off with the groom).  Their daughter, Ann was born here in 1800 or 1801 -always have to look it up - She married William Price - convict arrived 1816 on the Ocean - their daughter, Martha married RC Cooper.  Their daughter, Caroline Ann married William Thomas Chapman 19.6.1877 (Mum had me on 20.6.1937 so wasn't at the 60th celebrations.)
Thomas Chapman father of William Thomas Chapman arrived free in 1839 with his parents and siblinga, Thomas and Mary Ann nee Clout Chapman. 
Thomas jnr was the youngest child aged 4 - his mother died the following year and is buried in St John's Parramatta Cemetery - no marker.
Thomas Jnr married Hannah Watts nee Garbutt - no record found of her first marriage.  Hannah's parents were convicts who worked for Cox at Clarendon.  Her mother was Elizabeth Catlin alias Cattell who married Callicot (marriage and death not found of her first husband) and then William Garbutt who came from Glazely Shopshire.  Hannah & Thomas's eldest was William Thomas Chapman.
My grandmother, Edith Roubina Chapman was a daughter of William Thomas Chapman and Caroline Ann Martin  and was born 22 July 1886. She married Samuel Yeo born in the colony - son of James Yeo and Ann Russell (no relation to earlier Russell). 
Ann Russell who married James Yeo was born in Kent England came free around 1839 with her parents George Russell and Ann nee Weston.  Weston Mt is named after Ann nee Weston's  brother who was another convict.
The Yeos came out quite late - 1855 - and some their information is included in the section on my grandmother, Edith Roubina CHAPMAN.
The Yeos came from Swimbridge where they settled around the mid 1500s and for those interested in this line Sheila Yeo (England) has an excellent web page.  The Yeo line has been well researched and this family can be traced back to Charlemagne (the blood is fairly thin by now).
My AUSTIN side of the family:
My father, Leonard Austin, was born 20 August 1896 in Melbourne, son of John Edward and Mary (nee Leonard) Austin.  He did enlist in the Great War but not under the name of Austin? 
The Austin side of the family is still a mystery.  My father when visiting Melbourne on his way home from Darwin [was in Civil Construction Corp] at the end of World War 2 looked for his birth certificate but told me that he could not find it.
During the Great Depression many men went bush looking for work including my father. During a time when he was working for board and lodgings at Cobbora (northern NSW) he met my mother, Violet Ann Yeo.  They married in Gulgong in 1933.  Following the death of my sister Inez Edith in 1934 (buried Rookwood Sydney) my parents moved to Collarenebri NSW where Dad ran the local garage and I was born in June 1937. 
Another downturn in the economic conditions led to the move to Canberra in 1941 where we remained.  Perhaps because there was no family here in Canberra I began in the 1980s my search for my families. 
My father's family I have not found and only have sketchy details of his life that includes he attended Geelong College and knew the Bible off by heart. The following few chapters are from a book published in 1990 and updated.  Further updating is ongoing particularly by Harry Price. [Since writing this Harry died from pancreatic cancer, but his web page on the Price family has been continued.]
 The following chapters give an outline of some of the early families. 
I would also comment that one researcher from a University who contacted me wanted to know about the sources.  At the time the book was written it was not an important facet of writing other than acknowledging the contributors.  This work is the work of many who shared and the records kept in the Australian National Library including newspaper articles.  The photographs came from many sources that included a photograph album with photographs from the 1850s and earlier that just arrived in the mail.
This research work was and is a journey that I needed to know as part of knowing who I am.  When we moved from Collerenabri we also moved from closer contact with my mother's family and the knowledge that would have been passed on.  There will be errors particularly in the later generations that can be corrected and information that can be added. This is perhaps a start for others who may be related.  One person who contacted me mentioned that he was a descendent of Charles Price who married Martha Price.  One of their younger sons aged 9 years, was given the job of minding sheep. He fell asleep and the flock left.  His father told him not to return home until he found them.  He never did, but used to sneek back at times to visit his mother.  These were hard times.
Ann Gugler (nee Austin).



Member of Austin family (Drewery).  This man was born around the same year as my father, Leonard Austin (see below).  The photographs show a strong similarlity.  My Austin heritage is still to be discovered.


Leonard Austin & daughter, Ann, 1937