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Canberra's Electoral Rolls

NOTE: These are .pdf files and may take some time to load.
There are two earlier rolls than the 1928 - 1916 and 1917.  These rolls are included in the web Canberra Camps. The rolls contain the names of the people living in the area of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT - now Australian Capital Territory) who enrolled. They had to be 21 years of age and of British or Australian Citizenship. Not all eligble people enrolled.
In the new web that is currently under construction - Canberra Electoral Rolls - I have begun with Canberra NSW electoral rolls & PO Directories - 1900, 1903, 1904 and 1913 Census FCT & 1913 Stock Owners List.  These may be added here later.


Supplement to 1929 Electoral Roll for FCT & people who have left the Territory, formerly on the Roll for the Election of the Third Commissioner. Only the head of the household of people leasing or renting were eligible. The full Roll can be found on the Canberra Camps website.