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Woden Cemetery Burial Register

The Canberra Cemetery - now called Woden Cemetery - was opened in 1936. Prior to this from around 1845 St John the Baptist Church in Reid was used for Protestant burials.  Records of the burials can be found in Jean Salisbury's book 'St John's Churchyard'  and at the time of writing [May 2011] a revised edition is about to be published and I believe that copies will be available from the church.  Other burials took place at the local graveyards such as those at Hall, Tharwa, Lanyon etc.  Queanbeyan Cemeteries are recorded in books available I believe from the Queanbeyan Council and on line.  The Woden Cemetery Burial Register that I have transcribed date between 1936 and the early 1960s.  Included are the names of the people who 'paid' for the graves and the address of both the deceased and the person who 'bought' the grave.

Burial Register Woden

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Alphabetical List Woden Cemetery

This list may have some missing - check the Burial Register

Ages Burial Register

This list has not been rechecked - and it only refers to the burials in Woden Cemetery. However it will give a rough idea of the numbers of deaths in various catagories in the period between 1936 and 1946.

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