Canberra Photographs Canberra Photographs Main intercepting sewer Westridge area 55553500 2CA radio station - broadcasting building Molonglo 55553501 2CA letter from AJ Ryan 55553502 FCC Offices 1926 55553503 Ainslie Hall - former Masonic Hall Acton & Russell Hill School 55553504 Civic Centre 1940s 55553505 Ernie Corey Westlake man who was most highly decorated man WW1 (Austtalian) 55553506 L-R Helmut Frei, ?, Florian Gugler Guthega 55553507 Map showing line of Main Intercepting sewer 55553508 Main intercepting sewer line and type 55553509 Sewer Vent designs - Bottom right chosen Three exist in Canberra - 1925 constructed 55553510