more family more family Chapman Home Dunedoo 1920s- Maud (nee Chapman) and Arnold Jones in front yard. Caroline Ann (nee Martin) Chapman seated 1920s 52759162 Four Generations Carline Ann (nee Martin) holding her great grandchild 52759163 Caroline Ann and William Thomas Chapman 19.6.1937 The couple were married 19.6.1887. Photograph taken in the backyard of their home at Dunedoo 52759164 The Grandhildren at Chapman 60th Wedding Anniversary My mother, Violet Ann (nee Yeo) Austin was not at the celebrations. I arrived the next day 20.6.1937 in Collarenebri. 52759165 Caroline AnnPrice nee Martin md William Thomas Price when she was around 16 years of age. 52759166 Children of William Thomas and Caroline Ann Chapman Caroline Ann and William Thomas had two more children after this photograph was taken. My grandmother, Edith Roubina is on the left of her mother, She was born 22.7.1886 52759167 Violet & Lenoard Austin and Ann This photograph of my parents and me was taken in late 1937. 52759168 Robina, Ann and Brett Gugler 1970s This is a passport photograph. Robina born 17.1.1964 and Brett 21.7.1964 52759169 Ada Price and her husband 52759170 Crace Chapman & Arnold Jones The couple were married in 1922 and lived at Lithgow. They had one son, Malcolm Jones, who died a short time after his father - accident -tree fell on him. 52759171 Aunty Maud & Les Leahy 1922 Wedding photograph of Maud nee Chapman and Les Leahy. Duel wedding service with her sister, Grace and Arnold Jones. 52759172 Frances, May & Lottie Price 52759173 Darcy Merrick He is the boy on rhs 52759174 Darcy Merrick with mother 52759175 Elong Elong Yeo family home 52759176 Aunt Elva and friends Elva Yeo with friends - dressed up - Dunedoo 1920s 52759177 Emma James Springfield (Price line) 52759178 Violet & Leonard Austin 1968 Photograph taken in the backyard of 37 Hackett Gardens Turner 52762060 Frederick Yeo - 1930s Mum's Uncle Fred who never married. He died from a brain tumour and was a much loved uncle 52762061 Henry Yeo Elong Elong line 52762062 Wedding of George Shapland Yeo? thought to be the wedding photograph of the above mentioned. 52762063 Cobbora 1930s Martin boys with my father, Leonard Austin far right. 52762064 Mary Elizabeth Price married Collins 52762065 Family of James and Ann (nee Russell) Yeo The family photograph was taken circa 1860. The child far left is Samuel Yeo born 10.10.1880. The empty chair would have been for the little girl who died. Yeoville, Bolaro Run - now Dunedoo. 52762066 Rita Page, Pamela Page, Ann Austin, Violet Austin 1937 Violet and Rita were sisters, daughters of Samuel and Edith (nee Chapman) Yeo. Pam was born October 1937 and I, 20.6.1937 52762067 William and Ann Price's home at Richmond. The photograph was taken in the 1980s - the house is across the common at Richmond. 52762068 Giles family Sarah Ann Giles nee Price and her husband were killed in a train accident. 52762069 William Thomas Price and son William Thomas Price was the eldest son of William and Ann (nee Cooper) Price 52762070 Outside the Produce Store Dunedoo William Thomas Price owned the store and was a carter. His wife was Caroline Ann nee Martin 52762071 Opening the Dunedoo Bridge Edith Roubina Yeo nee Chapman is cutting the ribbon - Audrey (born April 1926) is on right and Samuel Yeo has his back to us. 52762072 Yeo family, Canadian branch of the family 52762073