My Family My Family Colleen West (left) and me - Ann Austin 27 Westlake Early 1940s. Tree today in the background is in the grounds of the Mexican Embassy 40320547 Aunt Grace (nee Chapman) & Uncle Arn Jones Taken at Dunedoo? Grace's parents were Caroline Ann (nee Martin) and William Thomas Chapman 40320548 Caroline Ann Price (nee Martin) Her parents were Robert Martin Jr & Mary Elizabeth nee Merrick. She married William Thomas Price 40320549 Violet Ann Austin (nee Yeo) with Toby Photograph taken in the garden of 27 Westlake 1940s. 40320550 (Alice) Rita Page and Violet Ann Austin 1937 Probably taken at Dunedoo. Rita with new baby Pam born October 1937 and Mum with me, Ann Robina. - Rita married Tom Page and Mum, Leonard Austin - both nee Yeo 40320551 Halwyn Price Son of John Price of Penrith 40447098 Yeo family photograph - This line of Yeo - my great grandfather James' sister went to the US 40447099 Chapman Home Dunedoo Home of Caroline Ann (Carrie) nee Martin and William Thomas Chapman circa 1928. Daughter Adeline Grace (known asGrace) and her husband Arnold Jones in front yard 40447100 Arthur and Ada Price (nee Evans) 40447101 Maud Chapman & Les Leahey marriage Married in early 1920s - double wedding with her sister Grace & Arnold Jones 40447102 Chapman familycirca 1894? Caroline Ann (nee Martin), William Thomas Chapman with ten of their twelve children. My grandmother, Edith Roubina on the left of Carrie. 40447103 Wedding photograph Ann Austin & Florian Gugler Married St John the Baptist Church Canberra 20.8.1958. Florian died 1.3.1989. His mother-in-law, Violet Ann Austin nee Yeo died three months later 6.7.1989 40447105 Louis Marshall price 40447106 Marriage of George Shapland Yeo Thought to be the above. With James Yeo and Ann (nee Russell's) photographs - close family. 40447107 Sarah Ann Giles and her husband The couple were later killed in a train accident. 40447108 Two Price boys 40447109