Canberra Camps Canberra Camps Tradesmen's Camp Westlake 1924-1927 The tents had wooden sides - the only camp that used the timber for the sides. Site of the camp opposite Lotus Bay Yarralumla (Block 3, Section 128) and on the site of the nearby Embassy opposite in Forster Crescent 40100781 Moving a canteen 1919 Photograph from Lorna Marriott whose father, Charles Francis, was Controller of Stores. 40100782 1928 Capitol Hill Camp Celebrations of the return of sale of alcohol into the territory. Mrs Stanley (rear) was Mess Caterer. Her son stands below her and daughter - Cecily Hinchliffe bottom third from left. Hinchcliffe photograph. 40100783 The Police & other servicemen May 1927 The camp was in the area opposite Lotus Bay Yarralumla. In the background is the Tradesmen's Camp 40100784 Northbourne Camp 1926 This photograph from Biddle family - Biddle is second from right second row from bottom and HL Lasseter is second from right top row. Lasseter in 1927 moved with his wife and new baby into a self built cottage at Russell Hill Settlement. 40100785 Capitol Hill Camp Entrance to the Camp 1928. This camp which was constructed from galvanised iron and later had timber cubicles in it was built in 1925 by Contractor John Howie of Westlake. Hinchcliffe photograph 40100786 Capital Hill Hostel early 1950s Capital Hill Hostel was erected close to the Capitol Hill Camp in the late 1940s. Frei photograph 40100787 Canberra Community News cartoon The CCN operated between 1925-1927 under the auspices of the Social Service Association - the locals contributed the articles including this cartoon. 40319399 Cook's Tents No 1 Labourers Camp, Capitol Hill Westlake 1924 NAA Mildenhall photograph 40319400 F Mackay Westridge c1922 Photograph loaned by Kath & Reg Newcombe. Building ex-Molonglo used as single men's quarters Westridge 1921-c1927 40319401 Bill Boyd's truck c 1925 Bill Boyd's family lived at the Brickyards - Westridge - from the teen years of the last century. Bill was a carter. Courtesy of his neice, Moya Campbell. 40319402