The People of Canberra The People of Canberra Don Bell Stirling Ridge Don showing one of tools used by the Ngunawal 125378605 Back Page of Builders of Canberra 1909-1929 The men have now been identified - 1920s 125378623 Front cover of Builders of Canberra 1909-1929 The photograph was taken at Cotter c1913 125378624 Page from Builders of Canberra Top right - 1909 surveyors camp 125378622 1913 First Federal Building Acton Probably the Residency - courtesy Alison Neiberding 125378611 1913 Plumbers working Acton Courtesy Alison Neiberding 125378607 Brickyards Men 1927 Brickyards men 125378608 Cartoon CC News Some of the notables 125378609 Cartoon Jeremiah Dillon Jeremiah - sewer foreman & father of football - 1920s 125378629 Civic Centre Men delivering bricks near Mt Vernon (City Hill) c1927 125378616 Mrs Stanley Mess Caterer Capitol Hill Camp Mrs Stanley, members of Mess and friends 1928 125378626 Canberra Community News photo Ainslie Children's Playground - Lasseter in photograph 125378630 Mugga Quarry Camp Cappello boys 1920s. Courtesy Glen Cappello 125378627 The Boyd family and Annie c1925 Photograph taken in front of cottage - site in front ground of Forestry School Yarralumla 125378619 Charles Foster Day Briar Farm Charles Foster Day, Briar Farm - site Southern Cross Yacht Club 125378620 Arthur Freeman 1927 Howie's Arthur ready for the big day 9 May 1927 125378615 Ernie Corey Most highly decorated man WW 1 - lived Westlake 125378604 A Westlake Boy & Beryl his wife Stan and Beryl Brill 1940s war years 125378621 Ann Austin 20 June 1941 Queanbeyan Ann's 4th birthday Queanbeyan Park 125378606 Ann Austin & Uncle Itch Ann & Uncle Itch in backyard 27 Westlake c1943 125378613 Ann Austin fron yard 27 Westlake Ann in frontyard 1949 125378614 Ann Austin Westlake 1951 Photograph taken Westlake near cr Empire Circuit & Forster Cres 125378610 Mrs Bellchambers, Eva & Bob Westlake c 1939 125378617 Westlake children c1952 Westlake children outside the hall - 39 Westlake in background 125378618 Florian's documents Florian's documents 125378612 Children at Capitol Hill Camp c1950 Children at Capitol Hill Camp courtesy of the little girl second from left 125378625 Two little girls Capitol Hill Camp 1950s 125378628