Photos of Canberra Photos of Canberra Florian Gugler Florian centre back - Austria. Married Canberra Ann Austin 20.12.1958 40240362 Franz Aigner, Florian Gugler & Helmut Frei Barbecue 1950s Australia. 40240363 Capitol Theatre early 1930s The Capitol was pulled down a number of years ago. It was the first theatre built on the south side of Canberra. 52844373 Scrivener's mud map dated 23.2.09. The Surveror's Hut 1911-(Scrivener's Plan Room) is on the site of the first surveyors' camp in Camp Gully. 52844374 1909 Surveyors' Camp Capital Hill The camp had 14 tents and a timber kitchen. This building was constructed by John Murray. 52844375 The Brickyards under construction 1913 Robin Donnelly's father (Taylor) and grandfather worked on this construction. Their camp was near the railway station. 52844376 Touris Map Canberra 1933 52844377 Map of Acton area 52844378 Aerial view Capital Hill & Commonwealth Avenue The parliament house under construction top right - circa 1926 - Hotel Canberra to the left of Commonwealth Avenue. No 1 Labourers Camp, Westlake centre bottom and on the the other side of State Circle bottom is the Tradesmen's Camp 52844379 Ann Austin, Westlake c1943 My dog, Uncle Itch on the chair. 52844380 Sewer Vent plans 1925 Three sewer vents remain - One near the turnoff to the RSPCA Cotter Road - opposite side; RCGC Yarralumla (former Westridge in the section of old nursery; Stirling Ridge above the GAP - former Westlake. The plan chosen bottom right. 52844381 Firemen Canberra 1920s Brenda Stevenson's father is one of the men. This photograph appears to have been taken at the Power House site. Later moved to near Manuka shops. 52844382 Freeman Children 13 Howie's Cottages 1927 52844383 Kaye Girls on the bank of the Molonglo River This photograph, loaned by Gorden Kaye was taken near their home. The site today is at the rear of the Hotel Canberra. The entrance is marked by a bronze plaque. 52844384 The Golf Links 1950s This photograph was taken from the links looking up towards the quarry - now Attunga Point 52844385 Molonglo Settlement c 1923 The site today is Fyshwick. The Molonglo Internment Camp was built in 1918 and converted into houses for construction workers. - Some of the barracks were converted into rooms for 150 tradesmen 52844386 Ground Plan of barracks, Molonglo Tenements 52844387 Mud map showing site of Westlake Cottages The area today is Stirling Park. Karren should be Karen. 52844388 No 1 Labourers Camp c1925 Originally part of Westlake - today Capital Hill - Hillside Hostel built post WW2 was probably on this site. 52844389 Notes for Public Servants March 1926 Booklet sent to public servants about to be transferred to Canberra - shows some of the choices for houses 52844590 Peter Kimber's additions to 1913 strip map Shows the major arterial avenues - early. Kurrajong Hill is Capital Hill 52844591 Toby Waiting for Dad 27 Westlake. 52844592