Stirling Park Yarralumla Stirling Park Yarralumla Stirling Park Lead Septic tank near Haines' Creek 125178230 Capital Hill, Westlake Object found No 1's dump 125178231 Capital Hill Westlake Tobacco tin 125178233 Capital Hill Westlake Cast iron object 125178232 Capital Hill, Westlake Cast iron object different view 125178234 Stirling Ridge Scarred tree 125178236 Stirling Ridge 500 yr old Scribbly Gum 125178237 Stirling Ridge 1925 Sewer Vent - one of three remaining 125178238 Stirling Ridge 'Grandmother' tree 125178239 Stirling Ridge Copiced tree 125178240 Stirling Ridge Concrete slab 1920s sewer work 125178241 Stirling Ridge Another old tree 125178242 Stirling Ridge White boomerang tree 125178243 Stirling Ridge Scarred tree 125178244 Stirling Ridge Climbing tree (axe marks) 125178245 Stirling Ridge Scarred tree 125178246 1927 - Block 3, Section 128 Stirling Park Arthur Freeman site Howie's settlement 125178451 Stirling Park 1952 photograph taken in area of S African High Commission residence 125178450 Stirling Ridge Tree with metal spikes 125178449 Stirling Park In the Gap - metal spike in tree 125178456 Stirling Park Bl 3, Sec 128 in area of quagmire 125178459 Stirling Park Glass tool 125178247 Stirling Park Developed area Stone arrangement 125178235 Stirling Ridge Remains of water tank etc 125178248 Stirling Park Detail stone arrangement 125178452 Stirling Park Stone tools 125178453 Stirling Park Stones and jars Developed area Stirling Park 125178454 Stirling Park Stone arrangement developed area 125178455 Stirling Park stone arrangement 125178457 Stirling Park Tradesmen's Ablution area Bl 3, Sec 128 125178458