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Correction Strangio Death Canberra Burial Register

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Correction to the Burial Register Canberra (now known as Woden) Cemetery.

25 August 1958 Francesco Antonio Strangio 8 Strzelecki Cresent Narrabundah arranged for the burial of Baby Maria Strangio who died 21 August 1958 aged 4 hours. RC Section. He also arranged for the burial of Maria Antonia Strangio of the same address who died 5 September 1958 aged 33 years. Her body was later exhumed and shipped to Italy.

Update Burial Register Canberra Cemetery WENSING

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The death of Alan Wensing on 6 June 1956 records his age as 12 in the burial register. It should read 1 hour. The baby boy was baptised by the doctor.The family lived in the Russell Hill Settlement in a cottage bought from the Tillyard family. The site of Russell Hill Settlement is close to the Campbell Shops.

ERROR RICHARD NANCARROW 1935 Canberra Electoral Roll

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I have an error in the 1935 electoral roll that I wish to correct. Richard Nancarrow is the correct person in the roll, but the added information about the death and burial of the Richard Nancarrow in 1955 is incorrect. They are two different men and I apologise for my mistake.  It was not intentional. Ann Gugler

Family - Charles Cooper

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From Geoff Meyer descendent of Sarah Moore nee Cooper, eldest child of Charles & Alse nee Davis.

Some bits and pieces based on what Sue Hatton sent me in to post today. It is better for me to type it all out including the marriage of Charles & Alse as that copy was based on a faded and partly illegible original in England. But it appears that both could write their name and also the two witnesses.

Baptism of Thomas Cooper –  Baptised 21st December 1743 Shipton on Stour, son of Thomas Cooper and Sarah Waring.

Marriage of Thomas and Margaret – 1767 February 12th. Cooper, Thomas labourer of this parish

To Price, Margaret of this parish. Witnesses – Robert Higgins, Mary Crapper and Charles Warneford Curate. St Giles Oxford.

It appears that one only needs to be resident of a parish for 5 weeks.

Baptism of children of Thomas and Margaret – Charles Cooper baptised 22 October 1769 buried 15 September 1770:  Charles Cooper baptised 27 September 1773: Anne Cooper baptised 23 November 1777 buried 18 June 1778: Shipton on Stour.

Notice taken from the Leicester Mercury – 11th March 1796 (p3 c4) John Lee and Charles Cooper were removed from habeaus from Middlesex on a charge of horse stealing; Thomas Smith charged on the oath of the above Charles Cooper with threatening to shoot him if he refused to assist him in stealing a horse, the property of Mr Inett of Melton and a mare belonging to Mr Sharpe.

25th March 1796: John Lee and Charles Cooper were convicted of horse stealing and the condemned are to be executed.

Note – the wording is not clear as to who was threatened if he did not steal a horse.

MJ/SP/1794/June/040 Case V Charles Cooper for stealing a pot with drawn cutlass with intent to murder, prosecutor to have 24 hours notice of bail. Middlesex June Session 1794.

William Holmes against Charles Cooper – Brief Silester. The defendant stands indicted for wilfully and maliciously striking at the plaintiff with drawn cutlass with intent to murder.

Nothing further survives on this matter. It seems rather a wild statement that he threatened to murder over such a trifling item. I think the defendant was exaggerating.

1819. Inhabitants of the district ‘Preanger’ (around the city of Bandoeng Java)

- Charles Cooper aged 42 years, place of birth Worcester, occupation farmer. Arrived on the Isle of Java in the year 1817. Leaves this district on 30th October 1819 to the city of Krewang.

2. (inhabitants of the district of Krawang):  Charles Cooper, 42 years, born Worchester, occupation: stalmeester in the house of sir Quoid. Arrived on the Isle of java in the year 1817 and arrived in this district 20-10-1819. [Sir Quoid should be Macquoid - who later moved to the Canberra District of Tuggranong.  The Canberra suburb of Waniassa is named after the town near McQuoid's property in Java.]

Burials – Krawang, Java. Cooper Charles 12th September 1820; Surry departed 12th March 1817;  Destination- Port Batavia

Charles Cooper, free by pardon. No.317 March 6 1817.



No. 570. Charles Cooper Bachelor of this parish to Alice Davies spinster of the same were married in this church by Banns this fourteenth day of September in the year One thousand and ninety four by me. Edward Robson, Curate. This marriage was solomnized between us – Charles Cooper - Alice Davies - In the presence of William Cooper, Sarah Davies.

Beadman Family from Araluen

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Two photographs of members of the Beadman family from Araluen have been placed in the photograph section. One shows Harold Beadman sn with his wife Florence and children standing on Big Bertha the German Gun brough to Australia.  Photograph taken in 1926.  Big Bertha was originally placed at the Molonglo Siding (now Fyshwick Industrial area) and later at Kingston.  This photograph was the Kingston site.  The Beadman family came from Araluen Gold Mining town - one brother settled at Causeway and the other at Westlake.   

The Chills and Thrills of Rose Cottage Inn, Queanbeyan, A.C.T

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Rose Cottage Inn is located 14km from the epicentre of the city of Canberra. It comprises of two pise constructed buildings with interior and exterior walls both rendered and painted. The triangular shaped block also comprises of a modern house, two dams, shearing shed and yards, shearers' quarters, nursery and hay shed. The larger cottage has pise` framed walls in timber with concrete floors, lined board ceilings, painted corrugated iron roof, a 6 foot wide open veranda with timbered posts. The cottage has three rooms which features a central one where two doors open and one at each end. There is a double brick chimney shared by the central and north-western rooms although the fireplaces are separate. The smaller cottage is to the north of the larger cottage and separated by a courtyard. The walls are pise`, cement rendered, rough-cast and painted. The roof has no eaves and is an iron clad hip roof. The sapling roof and collar ties support roof battens spaced for shingles. The other cottage near the hayshed is modern and features vertical boarding and a corrugated metal roof. The cottages are well preserved and operated as tavern. The largest attraction was supposed to be the historic structures and rustic charm of a by-gone era but a more exciting reason for the public to visit Rose Cottage Inn has surfaced.


    Before I give you the details into the reasons why this place is now a hot spot, I will give you some background into the actual cottages to set the mood. In 1876 and 1877, Richard James Harris bought portions of the block and built the cottages from pise`. Pise` or "Pise de Terre" was a method of constructing buildings out of rammed earth and was basically a mud hut. It was introduced into the Tuggeranong area in 1874 by South American Eusebio Ponsey.

    Richard went on to manage Tidbinbilla Station for the Cunningham’s and a Mr Edlington occupied the cottage for awhile. Later when the Commonwealth resumed the land on where the cottages stood, they leased the house back to Richard Harris Junior who lived there until he died in 1945. Rose Cottage allegedly got the name from an early occupant, a Miss Rose who was the local school teacher.


    Richard Harris senior was born in 1830 in London England and married in 1860 at Dubbo to a headstrong Irish woman called Margaret Murphy. Margaret was born in County Cork, Ireland in 1840.  Richard Harris senior died at Rose Cottage on the 23 March 1904 (Death registration #2884/1904). Margaret died the 26 October 1918 (Death registration #15593/1918)  at the cottage also. They had at least seven children - Belinda Elizabeth Harris born 1862 (Birth registration #7261/1862) at Dubbo, NSW. Belinda died in 1894 (Death registration #2472/1894) as Belinda Elizabeth Flanaghan in Balmain South, NSW.  William Davis Harris was born 1864 in Dubbo (Birth registration #79131/1864) and died on the 16 September 1951 at Queanbeyan.  Richard James Harris junior was born 1866 at Queanbeyan and died at Rose Cottage in 1945 (Death registration #27657/1945). Richard married Mary Pedley in Goulburn in 1895 (Marriage Registration #1055/1895).  Margaret Harris was born in 1870 (Birth registration #16099/1870) in Queanbeyan. She married a man by the surname of Smith and died in Redfern, NSW in 1918 (Death registration #9296/1918). Mary Harris was born in 1872 (Birth registration #16550/1872) at Queanbeyan and married a man by the name of Jackson. She died at Ashfield, NSW in 1932 (Death registration #17174/1832).  Frederick John Harris was born in 1875 (Birth registration #18474/1875 ) in Queanbeyan and it is not known what happened to him.  Amelia Harris was born in 1877 at Queanbeyan and died at Rose Cottage in 1906 (Death registration #14010/1906) unmarried.


    Since the cottage was turned into a tavern there has been a very disruptive force around the Inn. For some mysterious reason there has been many a disagreement between tenants and owners which has gone on for many years. ......chefs fought with waitresses, staff against staff. The relentless feeling of tenants wanting to leave the place but their partners wanted to stay. Cash registers that refused to open and locked themselves; glasses pelted at well known biker members by an unseen hand; kitchen items that have disappeared and turned up later in the same spot they were sitting; light bulbs thrown out of their sockets onto the floor; and that oh so feeling of an air of Irish rebellion lingering around. And then there was a band who played at  the Inn and it's band member went home and committed suicide. Was it connected to the ghosts or just something that was going to happen anyway?


    Previous owners know only too well what has made this cottage come alive under the influence of the ghosts of Rose Cottage Inn. Margaret Harris herself is the main instigator of the frequent haunts and the Glasswell's have been the epicentre of her attention at all times. Here are some of their incredible stories that they have told us about the chills and thrills of Rose Cottage Inn.


    "Once we were hosting a wedding, a young couple that had invited guests of diverse backgrounds. Some were nice family members, parents, grandparents etc. whilst others were obvious bikers of a well known chapter. We separated the party into two parts, the family in the function room and the biker's used Mary's Cottage (the bar in the cottage), and they stayed in the garden. As time went on, some of the bikers began to swear and upon hearing one particularly bad sentence, I sent my daughter out of the cottage (she was collecting glasses). I will never know if it was the bikers bad language, or my daughter's comment to me that "we hear worse than that at school" but as we left the bar, the wine glasses were thrown off the top shelf one after another - crashing on the floor. Michael (my husband) was behind the bar at the time and when the biker exclaimed that the glasses fell off on their own, he explained that Margaret doesn't like swearing, and would he please have some respect.

The biker did not return to the bar all that night".


    One previous owner stated that usually after a bad night like this things would deliberately go missing the very next day. Cake knives, function files and many kitchen implements started to disappear and turn up days later where they were last placed.

One day her chef lost her wedding ring. She saw it fall and they both went to look for it. The ring rolled away from them right in front of their eyes. The drains and every part of the kitchen was searched from top to bottom. However, exactly a week later the ring turned up under the fridge door in a totally different part of the kitchen which is mopped every day.


Another wedding ring incident took place when a groom dropped his ring in the tan bark on the afternoon of his wedding. Knowing what mischief Margaret got up to, and being extremely tired herself from a long day's work, she stormed into the cottage demanding Margaret give it back. It was found five minutes later.


    On another occasion an inquisitive customer asked a waitress about Margaret Harris also nicknamed Mary as no one has been able to establish her identity in full until now, as to the fact if it was Margaret Harris (nee Murphy) or Mary Harris (nee Pedley) haunting the cottage. The comment from the waitress after telling the customer the story was to throw her arms up in the air and say "if you believe in all that!". Immediately after stating as such, all the tills immediately locked for no reason and no amount of budging would get them open. As Margaret was prone to temper tantrums, the owner asked all the staff if anyone had upset Mary. "No No No" replied all the staff except for one young waitress who quietly stated "It must have been me!"

Apologies were said to Margaret and all the tills were opened again after an hour of trying.


    The owners were very careful with intoxicated guests and the amount of alcohol served. Not just for legal purposes as well as ethical but for the reason that Margaret would always cause trouble the next day. Whilst quoting on an 18th birthday party and were making sure the parents would be there for supervision and so the party would generally be a nice one for the client; the owner made a comment which he later regretted. Whilst discussing the menu to fit it into the client's budget, he casually stated "Well lets face it, no one will really be bothered about the food - they will be more interested in the bar tab".

Everything and everyone went silent..........Suddenly a light bulb was thrown out of the light fitting and smashed to the floor.

On the night of the party the birthday girl and her parents went to thank Margaret for behaving herself.


    Margaret Harris, or Mary as she is commonly called; is not the only resident ghost. The residence at Rose Cottage which is roughly 20 years old; is home to a young woman whom visited the owner’s children in their bedroom every night. Moving around their youngest daughter's bed and leaving the eldest alone. She was a gentle young woman with much affection for the girls. It is believed that she is the ghost of either Mary Pedley who is Margaret's daughter-in-law and was married to her son Richard Harris junior. Or that of Margaret's daughter Amelia who died in the cottage in her late 20's and had never married.


    There is also allegedly the ghost of Richard Harris senior who is rarely sighted and tends to stay in the background. He is a thin lanky man who wears black trousers and waistcoat, white shirt with rolled up sleeves, gold watch and chain and a long beard. He is allegedly an evil entity that hides many family secrets and is keeping all the spirits in the cottage grounded.


    Margaret Harris (nee Murphy) has been seen on occasions as well standing by the fire. She is plump in appearance and her hair tied back into a bun. She wears a green taffeta long dress, her favourite, her Sunday best. She is sometimes seen with an old straw broom in her hand or the ghost of the broom near the back door - ready to toss the customers out the door.

She is old school and somewhat religious - hates people who drink and swear and want to possess the home herself.

She is rather mean to everyone and her new life in a new country and harsh climate would have attributed to that. However, there is another ghost in the Inn that she has a soft spot for although she chases him with the broom.


    He is a biker gang member who arrived in the cottage mid 1980s and decided to call the place "home". He is described as a big man the size of Labor politician Kim Beazley; black leather waistcoat and trousers, white shirt with the cuffs turned up; long black curly hair; a well groomed long beard and a devilish look. He is somewhat of a big softy who likes to sit back and cause fights between people just for the fun of it. He sees Margaret as a mother figure as it's something he never had when he was alive.....and she in return had a soft spot for him. He had murdered two people in a gang war and in return he too was murdered. Shot in the chest with a sawn off shotgun.


    Two psychics, one from New South Wales who has never been to the cottage; a psychic from Canberra who has been to the cottage; and a previous owner swapped information as to who the ghosts were, what they looked like etc and all three found that the experiences they had with the ghosts; the feelings, emotions and visions were all identical. The Canberra psychic also picked up on a young illegitimate baby in the cottage and someone swinging from a tree near the nursery. Later it was stated that there had been rumours someone had hung themself on the said tree. It is yet to be proven and the soul accounted for. However, on Monday 8th March 2004 the entity of the biker latched on to the New South Wales psychic Sarah Destiny and within two days changed her personality. She developed a passion for Harley Motorcycles although she hated them from experience of a family member killed on a motorcycle. Had tendencies to drink alcohol when she did not drink alcohol what so ever. Her language became crude, attitude became rebellious and vindictive and had a liking for heavy metal music. In contacting another angel psychic in Queensland, she discovered that an entity was attached when the Queensland psychic refused to accept any more emails from her as the entity was coming through and making her violently ill. Stating he said nothing, stood back and was a murderer. It scared her. The New South Wales psychic underwent a cleanser to rid herself of the entity and things returned to normal.


    A cleanser is a task that psychics and spiritualists undertake upon themselves and places so that spirits of the dead pass on to where they should be in the afterlife. The technique differs from psychic to psychic and from one belief to another.

In this case, the psychic mentally surrounded herself in a gold or pure white light; prayed to God for protection and asked for him to send down his angels from Heaven to take the restless lost souls through the light or whence they came.

Some psychics use a white or pink light surrounded by mirrors in their mind. Some use Eucalyptus oils to bless themselves.

But whatever way the psychic uses to cleanse, it usually does work.









Previous owners - Rose Cottage Inn (unnamed to protect identities)

Ann Gugler - Historian, Canberra

Matt Bowden - COSPER

NSW & Canberra psychics who wish to remain anonymous.

Rose Cottage Inn staff

Australian Capital Territory Interim Heritage Places Register Draft Citation 4 March 1994

Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages - NSW

Undisclosed - mystic



Welcome to Haunted Canberra!

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This page will include alot of true stories about places in Canberra and the A.C.T that are haunted. It will include some incredible history as well as actual events pertaining to the stories about hauntings.

Please note well, this information is NOT to cheapen the spirits of the dead like most ghost tours do; but to show the utmost respect for those who lived in our past as friends, ancestors, family, neighbours etc of a bygone era.

"When one is forgotten, one ceases to exist".

Headstone or not, we aim to remember these wonderful people who were all part of the maze of our history of Canberra and the A.C.T.

As researched by Maree Agland, once official researcher to famous Canberra celebrity Tim The Yowie Man, singer James Blundell and to several movie producers. She has also done geneology research for 25 years.  Maree adds another spin on the hauntings of Canberra with love, respect and dedication to the spirits of Canberra Past.

Happy reading!

Ann Gugler


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By Maree Agland, researcher

Sophia Susanna Campbell  the daughter of George Campbell and Marrianne Collinson Close was born on Friday 26th June 1857 in Sydney, NSW  (Birth registration #1489/1857) and died a tragic and controversial death on Saturday the 30th May, 1885 at Duntroon Queanbeyan, NSW (Death registration #14113/1885) at the tender age of 27 years and 11 months.

    Sophia's grandfather Robert Campbell, mariner, had received a grant of land and livestock to the value of  2,000 pounds in 1825 as compensation for the loss of his ship "Sydney" in 1806 off the coast of New Guinea when in charter to the Government. James Ainslie his overseer, took possession of 700 sheep from Bathurst government flocks and took them overland to Yass, onwards to Canberra and 'Duntroon' was formed by the Campbell's. A few years later, Campbell claimed that the land value was excessive and the price was dropped to 4 shillings per acre and given a further 1,000 acres to complete the awarded compensation. In less than 18 months of Duntroon's operation Campbell was permitted to purchase a further 5,000 acres on the South Bank of Molonglo River opposite Duntroon and so became the largest land holder in the Territory.

    In 1838 the most severe droughts on record started a four year tragedy in sheep prices and water holes were few and     far between. Creeks had all dried up, The Murrumbidgee dried up for two years, all crops failed and wool prices fell from 36d in 1833 to 18d in 1841 and a financial depression hit.  Many settlers were ruined.  Robert Campbell died at Duntroon in 1846 and son Charles managed Duntroon with the excessive staff of servants of over 60 shepherds and their families, gardeners and so forth. When Charles Campbell died in 1855  his brother George Campbell took over Duntroon  until 1876 when he went to England. He later died there in 1881.  His wife Marrianne (nee Collison Close) resided with the children in the 20 room house of Duntroon until her death in 1903.  She was buried in Canberra Cemetery near St John's Church, Reid.

    Marrianne was an amateur botanical artist and her paintings are widely featured in Joan Kerr's book "From Sydney to Duntroon" which was published in Australia in 1982.  One such painting included "Waratah, Telopia speciossima 1877,     watercolour" .Many of Marrianne's paintings are still in Scotland with Campbell family descendants.

    Robert Campbell's wife Sophia (nee Palmer) was also an accomplished painter with over 28 images of her paintings displayed at the National Gallery of Australia.

George Campbell and Marrianne married in 1854 and had the following children :-

*  John Edward Robert Campbell      1855 - 1836

*  Sophia Susanna Campbell       1857 - 1885

*  Frederick Arthur Campbell         1861 - 1931

*  Edward Charles Close Campbell      1863 - 1905

*  Sarah Marrianne Emily Campbell      1866 -

*  Robert George Campbell          1871 - 1871



Sophia Susanna Campbell died of Apoplexy - bleeding from the brain.  Her death certificate states that she took one day to die. Her brother Frederick was the informant to her death with Drs Richardson and Fitzpatrick the medical doctors in attendance. Sophia Susanna Campbell was buried on Tuesday the 2nd June 1885 at Duntroon (St     John's Cemetery, Reid) by the Reverend Pierce Galliard Smith (C/E) , the Undertaker M.M. Lazarus and witnesses Frederick Campbell ( her brother) and  E.K Crace (family friend, neighbour and business associate to the Campbell family).  The death was registered 3 months later at Queanbeyan on the 26th September 1885. Her

grave is marked by a small marble cross as a footstone and a larger white marble cross in the Campbell enclosure.

Duntroon House 2004  Photo curtesy of Mr allan Levinson

*It is rumoured in this day that Sophia was pregnant to the gardener and had been rejected by him, hence committing suicide by throwing herself out of the upper windows of the family home and that she was the daughter of Robert Campbell and Sophia (nee Palmer). Extensive research into her life however, has revealed that she was the daughter of Robert and Sophia's son George and his wife Marrianne (nee Collinson Close). That she was not pregnant, that there was no proof of any liaison with the gardener or other members of staff. The rumour stems from the small baby's grave right next to Sophia's grave at St John's. The grave in fact belongs to her baby brother Robert George Campbell who was born and died in 1871 possibly a stillborn.  Sophia also came from a very religious family and did not believe in suicide as it was deemed evil in her time as an act of the devil. Her mother was the Sunday School teacher and Sophia often accompanied her mother to help out when needed. However, we do know that Sophia was a very strong,     independent young woman who would clearly reject the advances of any man suggesting immoral behaviour and or improper advances towards her.


    *Various allegations have also been made that Sophia was murdered by her family, most likely her father as she was seeing a man whom she was in love with and her father objected to the liaison. Unfortunately, as mysterious as this sounds...it is false.  Her father was deceased four years prior to her death and Sophia was loved by all her family.



*Her great nephew Mr Barrington Beresford has also stated that he believes Sophia had an epileptic fit which had caused her to fall out the window or she had an epileptic fit causing a stroke which in turn caused a brain bleed.


    *Another story also exists that Sophia was emulating an acrobat with her friends after seeing a circus the night before     and broke her back or neck after falling badly. However, if this was true Sophia was almost 28 years old and would make the event very unlikely. If she had broken her neck or back she would most likely not have died but become paraplegic or quadriplegic.


    *A member of the Duntroon Military College has also stated that he has heard Sophia died from a horse accident.


    *A recorded interview between Miss Sylvia Curley conducted by Mr A. Harkness, Archivist, RMC Duntroon at Duntroon House on the 21st May, 1990 gives us another insight to Sophia's death. Miss Curley, whose parents worked for the Campbell's was asked about her personal recollection of Duntroon. She stated that they were very happy days     and things she remembered most clearly were their stories. One story was about Sophia.

    "One instance was when Miss Sophia Campbell had a stroke - she was critically ill and only 25 years of age - and Mr     Campbell asked my father to take one of the thoroughbred horses and ride to Yass and get the doctor - there was no other way to contact him. So my father galloped to Murramateman, and there Mr McAulife allowed him to change horses and ride on to Yass, then he returned to Duntroon. After Dr English came - buggy and horses of course - and examined Miss Campbell he sent the young fellows down to the river to get leeches to apply to Miss Campbell to relieve the blood pressure. Unfortunately she died, she was a very lovely lady a wonderful horsewoman, splendid and much respected by all the employees. All the district was very sad at her passing"


    Miss Curley was very popular in the Canberra community as she was the Matron of the Royal Canberra Hospital for some time (between 1938 till 1966) and her stories credible in every aspect. However, the story was told to Sylvia by her parents and some facts must be challenged. Sophia Susanna Campbell was 27 years and 11 months when she died and not 25. Mr Campbell could have been any of the Campbell relatives at Duntroon at the time such as her brother Frederick who was stated as witness to her death as her father died 4 years prior to her own. And it states that Drs Richardson and Fitzpatrick were the doctors in attendance on her death certificate and not Dr English.


    *Another discrepancy was that of the newspapers. At the National Library in Canberra, the only newspaper missing in the Queanbeyan newspaper was for 1885 the year Sophia died. In the Goulburn newspapers it stated she died on a Wednesday night however when her date of death on her death certificate was compared to a Perpetual Calendar, Sophia actually died on a Saturday, not a Wednesday.


    Sophia's death will never be solved due to lack of evidence, witnesses long deceased and even distortion of the truth. But no matter how Sophia died, she will always remain a mysterious young woman who was and always will be loved by everyone who come into contact with her story. The ghost of Sophia Susanna Campbell allegedly haunts Duntroon (Now Duntroon Military College) on a daily basis and her room has been left how it was found after she died.


    When I first started to research the story of Sophia Campbell, many inexplicable things started to happen to me. I underwent bizarre events from day one. Whilst surfing the internet on Sophia to get a background on the family and alleged haunting, I was hit with strange flashes of falling out of a window, hitting the ground, smelling freshly cut grass and roses then everything went black. After a few seconds I would come to and find I had a profusely bleeding nose. The flashes continued whilst researching however the nose bleed stopped after the first two occasions. A psychic friend stated that an evil entity from Duntroon had attached itself to me and Tim The Yowie Man and we had to get rid of it.  Over a period of three weeks, I came down with amalgam mercury poisoning which became severe in a very short space of time. The doctor had suggested that I take charcoal tablets to counteract the poison until a dentist could check out the problem thoroughly. It came from the filling in my tooth but the levels were so high it was unexplainable to doctor and dentist.  A very severe, overwhelming depression overtook me to the point of being suicidal for two days and had nightmares that someone was trying to murder me via suicide to prevent me from telling the story. I gave the research up to rest and the depression left within an hour.


    Another strange occurrence happened at the same time as I was researching.....I awoke one day to find that I had torn ligaments and cartilage in both ankles and lower legs, with a fracture of the lower right leg. Later research was to reveal that Sophia would have suffered the same symptoms when she fell from the balcony.

    First Sophia  would have tried to land on her feet to cushion the fall. Her ankles would have torn cartilage, tendons torn, possible fractures in the ankles and lower legs. Next her knees would hit the ground, her stomach, torso then her head would bounce on the ground. She would black out in seconds. She landed on the grass after she fell from the balcony, hence it took a day to die (as stated on her death certificate).


    X-rays were done on my both legs and no breaks showed up. However, the doctor stated that x-rays do not show everything and explained she had torn cartilage and tendons. After three weeks, I decided to finish up the research and continue at a later date. Within a few days the pain, feet and leg problems were gone as was the amalgam metal poisoning. When the research was being written up at a later date, I could smell a strong scent of roses in the room and hear a woman humming. It would only happen for around 40 seconds then go. Was it the gentle voice of Sophia or another explainable reason? As for the evil entity, I undertook a cleanser to get rid of the entity and was told by a psychic friend that now the "true" story of how Sophia really died was out and several knew about it, the entity - her alleged murderer, was on the run in case the community (of 1885) found out the truth about him.


    I would like you the reader to make up your own mind as to how Sophia died. I cannot confirm she was murdered as there was no murderer charged at the time, her death was listed as an accident, and there is no legal documentation to support our story although paranormal events surrounding this case says otherwise. The health problems experienced maybe co-incidental but no matter how bizarre it all may appear; the fact itself that a lovely young woman who died in her late 20's could conjure up so many stories about her death and how she died; is a mystery in itself. Was it the ghost of Sophia Campbell haunting us with her presence or was it the ghost of another young woman who fell to her death at Duntroon?


    It is rumoured that Sophia's ghost walks the gardens smelling the flowers looking very sad and lonely as if she misses her family and loved ones. Other anonymous witnesses say that they have seen a beautiful young woman dressed in clothing of the 1800's fall from the balcony and disappears as she hits the ground. Others say her ghost walks the top floor of the officer's quarters where she once resided, in a long light blue dress looking sad and forlorn.  Perhaps one day Sophia will walk into her gardens with a smile on her face and greet her family with love and happiness once more as she touches the face of God. May Sophia Susanna Campbell now rest in eternal peace.


    However, it appears that there are some members of the Campbell's still lingering around the old house which is now called the Officers Mess at the Royal Military College. Some staff and guests to the mess have seen a lady in a long black dress who is possibly Mrs George Campbell.  Tour guides at the College have also stated unofficially that no matter how much they straighten the bed covers in the Crowley room, there is always a dent as if someone has sat on the newly made bed. Another room on the ground floor, the sitting room; has strange affects on both staff and visitors. There is an eerie feeling which makes the hair stand up on the back of their necks......just like the stories of Sophia's death.


    Sophia's ghostly appearance has been reported in newspapers over many decades and often seen in some of the married quarters, and always in College houses that have young children. She has also appeared to a staff member in     the master bedroom and had a discussion with them. Windows have mysteriously been opened in rooms that are always locked. Sophia has not physically appeared to anyone since 1994, however her presence has been felt on many occasions and evidence of this was at a wedding held in Duntroon House in February 1997.    



    On April 5th, 2004 a handful of information such as first name (Sophia) and date was given to a Feyeree Psychic in North Carolina, USA. The psychic, only known by the name of Anna, comes from a 500 year lineage of powerful psychics from Ireland, Sweden and the Scottish Highlands. She sat down to concentrate on bringing Sophia into the light and was astounded when Sophia Campbell appeared before her speaking so fast that she wouldn't shut up. Sophia was glad that I had finally found the truth, that she had guided her in the research by giving her the scent of roses when she was on the right track and a feeling of over whelming sadness when she wasn't.


    Sophia alleged that she was murdered, that the man who did this to her was an older man and was a friend of her father's. He was well off and had a thing for girls and had taken his time waiting for her. When Sophia's father George died, he began to pursue her and the family was comfortable with this fact except her mother Marrianne who was wise enough to see, be silent and watch. She was also very disappointed as Sophia and this man had been very close and Sophia had seen him as a friend, confidant and a sort of uncle or fatherly figure to her.


The Day in question Sophia had just gone to the garden and had roses in her hand. She was smelling them when he came up from behind her and grabbed Sophia by the waist. She thought it odd and turned to see who it was and she freaked out.

They did the typical squabble of "I love you" etc and he refused to let her go. He held her hard in his arms and she was disgusted. His breath was foul and he wore a moustache. He had green eyes which was piercing. They struggled, she fell and died. Sophia says her little brother Edward saw it happen. The man who killed Sophia was in the military of some kind with a fancy uniform with a jacket that's red, black and gold cords. This describes a British military uniform at the time.


Anna also stated that there is a little boy dressed of the same era looking out of a window that comes out onto the balcony where Sophia died. His name is Henry Martin or Martinelli. She saw arsenic as well as a child who absolutely loves the stairs in the house. A diary is hidden in a wall by a window in a room that the walls are angled like it's an upstairs corner.

The little boy walks hand in hand with a slim young woman who is wearing alight weight cotton dress with puffed sleeves around her shoulders then fitting down to the arms. They are inseparable. However, Anna felt a lot of jealousy and negativity that the spirits of the house felt for these two and felt like the house was trying to consume them.

After researching the affects of arsenic and one of the side affects being foul breath; it is possible that someone was slowly killing Sophia's killer with arsenic or he had been using it on a long term basis to try and kill someone else slowly. Perhaps Henry?


As a Postscript to this story, the day that I received the email from Anna with full details; I had a massive asthma like  attack and a migraine for three days. Anna later stated that by now knowing the truth, this man had awoken in the spirit plane to account to his maker for what he did and this affect was a side affect of it. By the afternoon, my left hand and arm were semi paralysed and 21 days later after seeing her doctor, it was stated that I had Dysphrenic Migraine which is an extremely rare condition. Something had triggered off a migraine which appeared like an asthma attack and the exact same affects of a Lecunar Stroke. Basically, the migraine affected the Lecunar nerves in the left arm to cause semi paralysis in the hand and arm similar to a stroke. The Dysphrenic Migraine differs in side affects depending on the severity of the migraine.


The affects range from mild amnesia for a dull headache to minor amnesia and problem with speech for an average headache to severe semi permanent to permanent paralysis down the left side of the body, severe epileptic seizure, complete to permanent speech loss and severe to permanent amnesia. The amnesia affects range from forgetting your name and words to forgetting how to cross the road and forgetting what is and is not dangerous; the fact that a loved one has died; to total complete amnesia.


Until this secret diary is found, the saga of Sophia Campbell will never end. Ironically, Anna and Sophia have the same birth date in relation to day and month. Anna has stated that when Sophia visited her, Sophia's hair was parted down the middle, wore a light blue long dress which was lightweight and sleeveless and no hoops underneath. Sophia went on through the light and all that was left was ash residue.


After 119 years Sophia Susanna Campbell has finally rest in eternal peace.





Tim The Yowie Man

Allan Levinson - Destiny Tours Sydney & Canberra

Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages (NSW)

Death certificate registration # 1885 / 14113

Cross referencing of genealogical websites.

Anonymous resident psychics of Canberra, Canada, Sydney.

Contacts who wish to remain anonymous.

Mary Dein


Sharon Hodges

Mr Barrington Beresford (NSW)

Mr Ross Howarth - Archivist, RMC, Duntroon ( History of RMC)

Anna (Feyeree Psychic, America)


Researcher : Maree Agland








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E-mail received with correction from Daryl Price.

Hi Ann, I am Roy Price's nephew (Julie Price's brother) and was looking at the family tree on the website. I came across my son, Philip, married to Vanessa. Her original maiden name is Vansant, (originally Van Sant) not Vasant, because she is of Dutch heritage. They have had two daughters, first one being Kaylee Rose Price, born 24 August 2011 and the other being Aila Mae Price, born 23 June 2015. Thanks for all your hard work and research as it's been interesting reading and I'm sure we're related somehow...Kind regards, Daryl Price.

I descend from William Price convict who settled in Richmond and was the owner of the two storey house opposite the common. His daughter, Martha, married Robert Cooper Martin and they settled in the Cobbora area. In turn,  their daughter, Caroline Ann married William Thomas Chapman and their daughter, Edith Roubina is my grandmother. She married Samuel Yeo.

Ann Gugler


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E-mail received from Anne Tuohino with corrections (my apologies for errors - the original is a handwritten document): 

I was just on your Hidden Canberra website and used the "Burial Register Woden" to research my sisters death in 1962. Firstly I'd like to thank you for such a useful document! I'd like to spend some more time exploring the website as I grew up in Canberra and it holds a dear place in my heart. The reason I am messaging you is to let you know the details for both my sister and my father who died in 1962 and 1966 respectively. First my sister - page 120, line 3 - The purchaser (my father) should read "Eero Tuohino" - all other details are correct. Then my father - page 184, line 24 - Purchaser (my mother) should read "Armi Marjatta Tuohino" and my father Eero Tuohino. The address should be 45 Bonython Street not 35. I could not find a way to contact through the site so thought I'd try Facebook. Regards, Anne Tuohino